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Published On: Thu, Jun 28th, 2012

OBAMA CARE APPROVED – IRS to Force Americans to Buy Health Insurance

June 28, 2012

In a victory for President Obama, and a travesty for the Middle Class, the Supreme Court upheld Obama’s health care mandate empowers the IRS to begin to regulate Americans’ health care by 2014.

Expect IRS thugs armed with shotguns knocking at your door to fine you $695 per person (or $2,085 per household) for failure to purchase health insurance, if you fail to pay the outrageous fine, expect to be sued by the IRS. The revised health care law has removed the penalty of $250,000 and imprisonment of up to five years.

This historical Supreme Court ruling allows the federal government to force citizens to enter a contract with private corporations to buy health insurance. This is happening just days before 4th of July, when America won its Independence from British tyranny, and now we face the same tyranny today.

By 2014 all Americans will have to submit or face being fined and sued by the IRS. The American people are already struggling financially with record unemployment, inflation, and trillions of dollars in national debt, by the time health insurance becomes mandatory the middle class will be financially bankrupt.

This is the reason why the military and police are preparing martial law in U.S. streets, because people will revolt against the system that has turned us into financial slaves. They are conditioning Americans right now with military and police checkpoints, speed traps, using Army drones to spy on us,  rolling out the tanks, and putting military goons on residential streets to prepare us for what is to come in the near future.

The Bilderberg Group discussed in Spain about wanting to level America into a 3rd world impoverished nation, where we’re all poor under World Government Dictatorship. Soon the American standard of living will drop significantly, services will be cut, taxes will increase until we become so poor that we are unable to fight, resistance will be futile.

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  1. Henry says:

    Obama/Romneycare, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.

    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.

    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.

    Impeach Obama, support Ron Paul.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:

  2. Paris says:

    I propose that someone start an insurance company that sells a policy for $10/month that covers nothing…

  3. Big M says:

    For starters, the decisions of the Supreme gaggle of robed quacks, who are corporate lawyers, are not law. The states (and many of them already have) should just tell these clowns, as well as Osama BlackBush, to take their decision and shove it right up their asses. Second, nobody can legally force you to buy medical insurance, any more than they can force you to buy gasoline, alcohol, tobacco products or guns. Third, the IRS is an administrative agency, it is NOT an agency of the Department of Treasury in DC, the Internal Revenue Code is NOT statutory law, and the IRS has no legal authority whatsoever to enforce anything on anybody other than federal employees. If you read through the IRC, you will see that it is made up largely of deceptive, leading language, as well as carefully calculated omissions and out-and-out bluffs.

    Somewhat off the subject, but to give you an idea of what is involved here, read through every single income tax form published by the IRS, as well as the instruction booklets for those forms. See if you can find anything that REQUIRES you to pay, submit forms, do it by a specific date, make out a check to “Department of Treasury” (by the way, the IRS is an agency of Department of Treasury of PUERTO RICO), mail it to the IRS, etc. Good luck. The failure of people to read the Internal Revenue Code, coupled with their life-long brainwashing as to the “requirement” to do all of these things, pursuant to a “law” that nobody can find, and that the IRS refuses to identify, is why all of this goes on, and why countless numbers of people have been illegally convicted and incarcerated, had their lives destroyed, and their property seized by extortionist criminals.

    You should remember all of this when the IRS pretends to have legal authority to tax or fine anybody who refuses to go along with this bullshit.

  4. Kevin Joyner says:

    I have decided that I will no longer allow my hard earned money to be taken from me to fund socialism and be used against me. No more having taxes taken out. No more filing returns. I would rather live on my feet than to die on my knees at someone else’s mercy!

  5. SherryAnn says:

    People who cannot see that there is nothing good about the government controlling our healthcare are either blind to reality or stupid, in my opinion… They’re trying to destroy our country and the liberals are just happily following them to the slaughter.. God help us..

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  7. Arminius says:

    Revolution is the Solution!

    Learn from Iceland and Greece.

  8. davidgmills says:

    No IRS agents knocking on your door, at least under this law. The law expressly forbids the IRS from doing any of the nasty stuff the IRS normally does to collect. No levies allowed for failure to pay the penalty. About all the law allows is for the IRS to take the penalty from a refund or possibly allows the government to offset for any other monies the government might owe you (not even really sure about the second one though).

    • Big M says:

      You should read Section 6331 of the IRC, which is titled Levy and Distraint. The very first paragraph states that only ACCRUED WAGES AND SALARIES of UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES can be levied upon. Not cars, houses, boats, etc., or ANY property belonging to private American citizens. The IRS is using enforcement provisions from Title 27 of the Code of Federal Regulations in connection with income taxes, when those regulations HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH INCOME TAXES.

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  11. smokey18 says:


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