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Published On: Tue, Mar 19th, 2013

Teens Charged With Felony For Wearing Clown Masks
March 18, 2013

A Virginia man pleads guilty to a FELONY conviction for wearing a clown mask in public, that’s right, America has become so cowardly that it is now a felony to walk around with a clown mask on top of your head.

Jamar K. Washington, Jr. was arrested in Virginia Beach after running into a movie theater wearing the mask on his head on October 2012. Washington was with a friend, Black Newton at the time, the pair bought the masks in the morning and had been wearing them around throughout the day with no problems. That is, until they entered a movie theater.

According to Virginia Beach police the pair frightened moviegoers at the Regal Columbus Theater when they were spotted with clown masks on top of their heads. Both were charged with FELONIES for wearing the clown masks on their heads in public, they never put them on their faces when the incident happened. According to Virginia law, wearing a mask in public is a Class 6 Felony, and there are few exceptions.

The exceptions do not allow for religious clothing that covers the face (like burkas) or ski masks in the winter, and the exceptions do now allow anyone over 16 years old to wear masks on their heads.

According to the police report, two men caused a panic when they entered the theater, the boys initially ran from the scene and from police but were caught using the department’s K-9 unit. The pair had no intention to scare anyone and just wanted to watch a movie.

Thanks to the media over-hype of the Aurora Colorado shooting, Americans have become so cowardly that seeing teenagers with clown masks on top of their heads causes them to wet their pants. Now these young men have a felony record, ultimately destroying their lives for having a fun night on the town.

Washington has plead guilty to the felony charge of wearing a clown mask on his head in public. His sentencing takes place on June 18, 2013. The maximum sentence for a Class 6 Felony in Virginia includes $2,500 fine and five years in prison. Black Newtown, his pal will be in court today facing the same charges.

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